Phone Data Manager




Extract multimedia files from a mobile through Bluetooth/USB


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Till now, it was very complicated trying to sync a mobile phone to a PC without using the software provided by the manufacturer. Sometimes, it was an impossible mission even with the manufacturer's app.

But now Microsoft has created a tool called Phone Data Manager that lets you extract the multimedia content from any phone connected to a computer via either Bluetooth or a USB cable.

You can quickly and safely add photos, music, and videos to your computer. You can also sync your phone contacts with Windows Live Mobile, so if you have a Hotmail account, make sure to take advantage.

All you have to do for Phone Data Manager to pair your computer with your mobile device is to enter the key that program indicates to you and that's it.

Not all models are compatible. Microsoft has tried some and created this list, with phones from manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola and Sony-Ericsson. This list is not exhaustive, however, so even if your model is not on it, give it a try.

The minimum requirements to run Photo Data Manager are Windows XP SP2, 256 MB of RAM, 200 MB of free disk space and connectivity to the device via Bluetooth or USB.

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